Baby Wave wants to explore and push the boundaries with her parents, but this lands her in trouble. Luckily it does all end in tears and she is back safely in the waters.


There is a magical sea, so big

a thousand whales can sit comfortablysea

It is full of fish, turtles, and corals

all aglow in the dancing waves.


The waves are of many faces;

some are tidal, some are swirls,

some are foamy, some are bubbly,

some are just like creases,

baby waves going to and fro on the surface.


One such Baby Wave is very unhappy.

She is tired of listening to her Mummy.

‘Go right, go left. Do this, do that!

Why should I listen to you, Mummy?

I want to go to the end of the sea,

where no baby has ever been.’


Her best friends try to stop her,

‘Baby Wave, stay with us,

you may get swallowed by a shark,

you may end up in a yucky bog,

or worse,

you may get vaporized!’


Baby Wave plugs her ears,

and shuts her eyes.

‘I’m off to the north, south, east and west,

nobody can stop me,’ she cries.


Mummy Sea is very still,

she knows better than to try.


Baby Wave dashes against the current,

she barely holds on to her pattern.

Watch out! Danger!

A great white shark knocks her over.


Baby Wave spins like a top.

By the time she stops,

her compass is lost.

It could have been worse.


Baby Wave hopes the tides will help her,

she clings to them like a surfer.




Her once blue face is colorless.

Out of ideas and exhausted,

Baby Wave lies on the water.

‘I’m done for, I’m lost.

I’m going to end up in a yucky bog…’


She throws her arms open,

and closes her eyes.

‘Ouch, what’s that?’ she cries.

Something hard against her bottom-

it’s a big, tall rock.


Baby Wave gives all she’s got,

with one big push, she lands ashore.

She looks to the east, and looks to the west,

she looks to the north and to the south;

there is no end to the sea.


Baby Wave climbs the rock,

hoping to see farther.

The midday sun is rising to the top,

and she is feeling hot.


In the sea, she was always cool,

she would dive into Mummy’s womb.

But here on the rock, there is no escape,

‘Maybe it’s time I go back…’


Suddenly she feels herself disappear,

Baby Wave is becoming vapour.

Rising higher and higher

she contorts in fear.


Baby Wave is now a cloud.

From so high up,

the sea looks like a dot.

‘Mummy, is this the end,

will I ever see you again…?’


Soon, she is joined by many sad waves,

who like her lament their rebel ways.

All their sadness become tears,

falling as rain, back into the waters.


‘Hooray, I’m back!’ Baby Wave

leaps and shouts.